Core Modules

1. Understanding our bodies and minds – As whole people, our bodies, minds and emotions all interact with the people and events around us. Discover more in this module.

2. Things you do that make you feel better – Learn to spot and avoid two common behaviour cycles that make things worse.

3. Looking at things differently – What you think affects how you feel and what you do. Learn how to manage your mind and perspectives.

4. Overcoming stress at work and at home – Stress and anxiety are a common part of our busy lives. learn how to step back, calm your mind and retain a calm focus to what you do.

5. Building inner confidence – No one is born confident, discover ways of letting the real you come out by recognising and building on your strengths.

6. Practical problem solving under pressure – Work brings new challenges and problems every week. learn a practical problem solving solution so you can deliver in a timely manner.

7. Effective and helpful relationships – Discover the differences between assertive, passive and aggressive responses so you can ask for what is needed clearly and effectively, whilst keeping a calm outlook.

8. Next steps after the course – How to build on the key elements of change.