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This worksheet is a part of our “Reclaim Your Life” Course, the complete resource for teaching life skills to people with long term health conditions and associated low mood/anxiety.

Based on one of the world’s most popular life skills approaches, Reclaim Your Life is written by well-known UK based Psychiatrist Dr Chris Williams – BMA award winning author and President of the BABCP – the lead body for CBT in the UK.


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Your life … is more important than your illness. Would you like it back? Even if you are bed-bound, depressed, chronically fatigued, or unable to see or get about, this book will help. If you’ve had a diagnosis that frightens you – that might even feel like a death sentence – or if you’re struggling after years of impaired mobility, we have a way to help you feel a bit better each day.

These additional three little books help build on your own wider understanding and knowledge of mental health and wellbeing-resiliency. More details on the content of these books can be found in the book description section by clicking the button below.

You can find out more about Reclaim Your Life Resources at If you want to know more about our wide range resources for helping people with life skills visit our or email us at

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