About Workplace Toolkit

Often, we spend more time with colleagues than with family and friends. Work can take up a very large proportion of our adult lives, so it makes sense to take care of ourselves at home and at work.

Increasingly in these busy times there can be both long and short term work demands and deadlines that result in pressure for employees and managers alike.

This interactive, stimulating and workplace focused course aims to address a wide range of the most common challenges facing people at work today.

  • Physically being at work, even when you’re struggling, but your mind is elsewhere
  • Rebuilding confidence or trust after performance issues or uncertain chaotic times, or returning to work following time off
  • Managing and rebuilding relationships within teams, with colleagues and customers
  • Helping you identify unhelpful behaviours that backfire and make things seem worse, such as irritability, anger, pushing people away, or leaning on drugs, acohol, substances or even other people.

and finally

  • A very wide range of common life changes that occur during times of stress and low mood are addressed such as; thinking negatively, avoiding/procrastinating/putting off decisions and activities, and withdrawing into yourself so your world gets smaller and you begin to feel worse and worse.